What to look for when choosing a medicare supplement insurance plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans & Prices

Medicare supplement insurance is extremely important for people over 65, and determining which plan to purchase can be quite a challenging task. Since all Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS), it is important to shop all companies to make sure you get the very best price available. The three most important things to consider when purchasing Medicare Supplement Insurance are cost, coverage, and convenience. The perfect plan should be tailored to your individual needs.


Medicare supplement insurance plans are standardized by Medicare. This means every company offers the same exact plans and the same exact benefits. This is important to understand because the only difference between insurance carriers is the price the insurance company will charge you.

If you get the same benefits from every company, it makes sense to purchase the best plan from the company offering the best price. From a cost perspective, there is no need to waste money on an expensive insurance company as you will get no extra benefit. We encourage customers to shop all companies to make sure they get the very best price. This also needs to be done annually as price increases.


What Medicare supplement insurance plan is best?

The most popular Medicare supplement plan is plan F, which will be eliminated January 1, 2020, however those of us who were in Medicare's system prior to that date will still be able to buy Plan F or Plan C.

Plan G starting January 1, 2020 will become the most popular plan for new enrollees. This plan will cover your Part A deductible, Part A & Part B Co-Insurance (20%), and Part B excess charges. The only thing a consumer will be responsible for is the Part D deductible of $198 annually. Once this is paid there no copays. Medicare is primary and they always have to pay first. In addition, there are no networks so you can visit any doctor or hospital as long as they accept original Medicare. This plan even covers you when you are traveling out of the country.


Convenience is the third factor you might consider when purchasing a Medicare plan. Freedom of choice is important, and you should be able to visit any doctor, specialist, and hospital you think will provide the best medical care. Medicare Advantage plans have become very popular in recent years, but they have networks and are not accepted by many doctors or hospitals. These plans can be great if you live in a big city such as New York or Los Angeles, but most people who don’t live in a major metropolitan area are much better off purchasing a Medicare supplement insurance policy because they will have greater flexibility when they receive care.

Finding the perfect Medicare supplement insurance plan can be very difficult. It's a very important decision whether you are just turning 65 or have been on Medicare for years. I can provide valuable information about all Medicare plans and can give you free Medicare supplement insurance quotes from every single company. A quick call can save you time and make this difficult task quite easy. You can reach me toll free at (800) 807-0177, or fill out my online form to get the process started.

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