Company Background

Transamerica Insurance Company and has been providing insurance products since 1900.  They are licensed in all states except New York and the District of Columbia. Transamerica maintains A.M.s Best rating of A+ through their parent company Transamerica. Transamerica offers Medicare supplement plans A, F, G and N in 19 U.S. states. Medicare Supplement plans are offered through Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Transamerica.

In July of 2015 Stonebridge Life announced they were transferring all Medicare supplement policies to Transamerica Premier Life. Stonebridge Medicare supplements are no longer marketing under the name “Stonebridge” but under “Transamerica Premier Life.”

Rates remain competitive in most states across the United States. Transamerica offers Medicare supplement plans F, G, and N among other plans.

Popular Transamerica Medicare Supplement plans

Plan A: The most basic Medigap coverage. It covers your Part A hospital coinsurance including 365 days additional coverage after original Medicare coverage ends. It also covers the 20% that Part B does not pay for on your outpatient services.  You are responsible for deductibles, excess charges, skilled nursing facility co-insurance and foreign travel.

Plan FPlan F offers the most coverage and pays for most medical care and procedures not covered by original Medicare. It covers all the of the gaps in Medicare including deductibles, skilled nursing, blood, hospice, excess charges and 80% foreign travel emergency care (up to plan limits). You generally will have no out of pocket spending toward any Part A or B services.

Plans G: Functions exactly like Plan F, except for you pay the Part B deductible. Premiums are usually cheaper than Plan F, making Plan G a good value.

Plan K: This plan is for someone who wants lower premiums in exchange for covering a bigger portion of their potential expenses on the back end. It covers Part A coinsurance including 365 days additional coverage after original Medicare coverage ends. It also covers 50% of  your Medicare Part B copayment, blood, hospice and skilled nursing. Most important, it covers half of the Part A deductible too. You pay your own Part B deductible, excess charges and foreign travel emergency.

Plan N: This plan has been growing in popularity. All gaps are covered except for the Part B deductible, excess charges and you also pay a copay at the doctor and emergency room.


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