Medicare Supplement Company: Medico

Medico Medicare Supplement plans are very competitive in several areas across the country. They offer good prices for Medicare Supplement Plans. Medico Insurance Company began in 1930, and offers products nationwide to Americans over 50 years of age. The company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and prides themselves on offering quality products and employing hard working Americans.

They offers plans in 25 states, some states only 3 plans, some 4 and others 5.  Medicare Supplements which are A, D, F, G & N. You can always call us to see what's offered in your state.

When you purchase a Medico Medicare Supplement insurance plan, you’re getting a low premium with:

  • A discount on your premium when you set up an automatic bank withdrawal from your checking or savings account
  • A discount in some states on your premium rate if you live with another person over 18 years old, even if they don’t have coverage with us
  • A preferred rate for non-tobacco users
  • No pre-existing condition waiting period; prior medical conditions are covered as soon as your policy is effective. For more information on Medicare Supplement insurance or any of our products, call 800-807-0177


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